Generate buzz for your biz

Social media marketing communicates well with target audience and drive exact traffic. Here is an opportunity where we can grow brand’s online presence, enhance relationship with potential buyers, and also can welcome a new customer into our business. With the best social media strategy, we can easily step forward in growing web and social markets.

Perfect platform for SMO

With years of experience in serving brands, we employ the latest and modern social media strategy to accomplish your objectives of extra awareness, more engagement and additional traffic. We do this considering our responsibility and make attempts to deliver more than expected, aiming with overall client satisfaction by giving 10%extra as our skill.

Establish trust, build relationship

Why waiting for an opportunity, when it is with you. Start a conversation with us if you wish to establish trust in the midst of your target audience, build relationship with your customer and grow your business to stand out of the competitors. Know our pricing and packages; we would great fit for you that can truly add value to your business.

Social Media Management

Orinova Technology Solutions is always at your service with its social media marketing strategy to promote your brand, products or services through various social networking sites.
Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) services include:
1. Facebook Marketing
2. Twitter Marketing
3. LinkedIn Marketing
4. Google+ Marketing
5. Instagram Marketing
6. Pinterest Marketing

In SMM you get:-

1. Social Media Optimization
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Facebook Fan Page Setup (if Not Existed)& Promotion
4. Wall Posting
5. YouTube Video Submission(if client provides)
6. YouTube Video Promotion
7. Instagram Setup & Promotion
8. Tiktok Setup & Promotion
9. Linked In Setup & promotion
10. Twitter Setup & Promotion
11. Pinterest Setup & promotion
12. Snapchat Setup & Promotion